Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Thoughts and a New Week

Hello Monday and a warm hello to all of you! I have been extremely disturbed by the news of a horrific tragedy that unfolded a few days ago here in the States. I am sure many of you share this sentiment with me! It left me sad, angry, scared.....and so much more! I know this is a design and lifestyle blog and my happy place! However, sometimes it is hard to disconnect and talk about design and decor when there is so much heartbreak all around!

I could go on and on.......but sometimes when there is lots to say, you feel that words seem inadequate.......

My best wishes are there with all of you! Have a good week ahead.

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Priti Singh said...

Heard a lot abt it, feel disgusted for the happenings and sorry for the families who lost there loved ones...may god bless them all....wish safety for everyone! Amen!!!

Ambreen (Simply Sweet 'n Savory) said...

That was a terrible tragedy, feeling sorry for all those families who lost their loved ones! Thanks Anu for visiting me and for your sweet words!

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