Monday, August 26, 2013

Shibori Cushion and Dahlias

Good morning!! Its been a crazy weekend at home. Endless cooking, endless chatter, smiles and laughter, a birthday and so much more! I need another weekend to recuperate from this one :) I am popping in to say a quick hello. I have missed you :) My new Shibori cushion and Ikat bolster by Rajee Sood has found its new home. It has travelled thousands of miles from India. My love affair with Dahlias continue.......especially these with the burgundy hues!

Here's wishing you a beautiful week ahead. Stay tuned for some fun times at MDC :)


ruhi datta said...

lovely the colour....are those real?

Priti Singh said... in love with Shibori cushions too since I saw them at Rajee Sood's show...loved it! :)

the east coast desi said...

Oh! the Dahlias are beautiful. Love all the rich hues in the pic Anu.

NanaDiana said...

I love your pillow and your dahlias-Hope you can recuperate from your weekend- xo Diana

Anya said...

Beautiful!! Love the new colors.


Aalayam Inspiration said...

Lovely vignette Anu!
hope you had a fun summer?


Vasudha S said...

Dahlias are beautiful as usual, and so are your cushions..

Anu Varma said...

thank you so much ladies :)

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