Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Moments at My Dream Canvas

Hello there! August is here and with it comes abundant sunshine. I am pleased as a punch :) This weekend, I indulged in my favorite pastime and took pictures around the house! I moved a cushion here, a plant there and with the light streaming in......I clicked away :) 
My parents are visiting from India and  I am in a state of bliss! The endless chit-chats and mom's cooking make for glorious days! The kids have another four weeks to go before school re-opens. They go out to play early evening and come back home when the sun has set. I can hear their squeals of delight as they play with their pals in the park across my house. The biggest event in the community is when the ice-cream makes it rounds! The excitement all around is infectious :)
My mom has bought me a few delightful cookbooks from India. My plan is to try out a few new recipes this week. This weekend I went to an art fair and I shall post those pictures as well as pictures of my Hawaii trip soon!

I hope to see you back here for an action packed week on My Dream Canvas :)

Here's wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

Images: My Home and subject to copyright.


Reshma Sharma said...

Lovely images Anu and love the cushions. Yeah Bong mom's cookbook is an absolute delight. I've been trying all her recipes ever since I received her book :) Happy cooking !

Shru said...

always a treat to eye to watch ur home pics....

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