Wednesday, March 4, 2009

British Columbia

Its been two years since I moved to Seattle and I like the fact that we live so close to Canada. A three hour drive from home takes us to the prettiest parts of British Columbia. I think Vancouver is a truly unique city. Its such a bustling metropolis set admist stunning natural beauty. Watching the sunset from the Stanley park is a must for me while I am there. A short drive from the city on the way to Whistler ( Venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics) is Horseshoe Bay. Numerous ferries depart from here for Vancouver Island and other smaller islands. I envy all those people who take these ferries as part of their daily commute. I often wonder what kind of idyllic lives they must lead while living on these little islands tucked away in the Pacific North West.
As for my dream home........its going to be an all glass home perched on a hill overlooking Horseshoe Bay. All I need is for someone to fund this dreamy mansion !!

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