Thursday, March 12, 2009

An amazing Story

This morning I caught a newscast which really got me thinking. Mr Leon McLaughlin who shines shoes at a Bank of America building in Seattle is responsible for bringing clean water to poor people in Bolivia. I am amazed at this man's vision and dedication and his story is truly inspiring.
He has been instrumental in the installation of water-filtration machines in 10 hospitals and 10 schools. He founded his own company, LAM (his initials and an acronym for Land and Water Maintenance), to bring water-filtration machines to developing countries. LAM buys the machines for $8,500 and then donates them . McLaughlin takes a small commission, which he says he puts back into the project. At home in Seattle,McLaughlin takes advice from customers. These are professionals , businessmen and lawyers who give him free counsel along with 5 dollars which is the cost of his shoe shine.
It makes me think of what I am doing with my life. I truly hope that in some small way all of us can take some time out to do something for people less fortunate than us. I for one hope to learn a lesson from this man's life and become a better person.

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