Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Inspiration

This morning I woke up feeling excited about the day ahead. My mind is full of thoughts about my Grandmother. A lady who is an insipiration for me or for that matter anyone who aspires to write. Born in 1916 her education was through tutors ( An English governess) and teachers in her own home. She began writing in 1952 and her works were published both in India and abroad. This included the International Who's who in poetry ( Cambridge ) and the World Poetry Society Intercontinental.

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Unknown said...

It's funny how two people sitting at two ends of the world can be thinking of the same person around the same time without actually vocalising it.I guess that is why I think of you as my soul-sister.There was a huge article in the Hindu newspaper about a publishing house in Kolkata called Writers Workshop, who publish books and poetry by aspiring & established Indian poets. These are the same people who published dadi's books. Even though the article doesn't mention her, I have ordered copies of the paper for all of us. I have some great memories of her, but even then she has always been something of a mystery to me. So i garb onto any information i can get that is connected to her in the hope that I can know more of her and what she did during her life.

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