Monday, March 8, 2010

Old and rare with stories to share..

A special souvenir from a trip somewhere, a little trinket from a flea market or an antique store, an elegant curio from a store you love and heirlooms passed down generations. All these things together can create your home. My silver collection has been passed down generations and are my pride and joy. They have travelled thousands of miles to a different land. The journey has been long and many of these pieces are nearly 90 yrs old. I wish I knew more about them. When were they bought or made, what was the occasion and which part of the world do they come from ? I have some information about them but also many unanswered questions. Maybe I am sentimental and romantic but I am sure these pieces have a fascinating story to share. Don't you ?? Look around your home for your own special treasures and stories ... My grandmother's silver powder puff which sat on her dresser for years.. Very rare and intricate silver design as fine as lace from Kashmir.

A rare and very old cruet set.

This antique silver stamp is a recent purchase from a tiny little shop in Kalingpong (India) and the silver leaf is part of a set and a birthday gift from my parents.

My great grandfather's coffee set.

Tea set from Reed and Barton which was founded in 1824. This was given to my husband by his grandmother.


Chandan said...

Fabulous collection! Priceless indeed.

Sharon said...

Gosh Anu, you own a fortune!

My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you so much Chandan.

My Dream Canvas said...

Sharon..thanks, I just hope that I can preserve them well !

Meenakshi said...


you are very lucky to have your garndmom's collection .. this is her way of saying she is with you guys and this is blessings from her to your house .. thanks for sharing

My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks Meenakshi, I do feel lucky and thanks for the lovely thought. Its certainly a blessing.

Rajlakshmi said...

wow... those really must be precious to you... so beautifull :)

My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you Rajlakshmi, they are very precious to me.

Amtrips said...

instantly hooked up to ur this post.. i am J now.. no doubt its priceless and worthless things you possess..! and what a way to show case the old vintage stuffs (through blogging)..again love the creative idea anu!


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