Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your house your canvas...

Blue, blue, iceberg blue, blue of the Artic sea. I am reminded of my grandmothers poem as I look at these stunning blue dining rooms. Each of the rooms have a touch of blue. I am more into earthy tones but these rooms have got me thinking ....who knows I might get inspired to color my walls someday. I am motivated and excited about painting my son's room this summer. Colors can bring in an element of style and warmth into any room. Go ahead and dream...think of your house as a canvas and begin painting. I am going to look for my paint brush and follow my heart :-)

The casual and understated elegance of this first room is breathtaking. I like all the rooms below. However this design by Alex Papachristidis featured in the Jan 2009 issue of "House Beautiful" is my winner.

This lovely room designed by Gary McBournie is all about entertaining and the white and blue tones compliment each other. This traditional style dining room is designed by Allison Caccoma.

The bright marine blue chairs by designer T Keller Donovan would be perfect in my grand beach vacation home.....if only I had one..but as I said, its all about dreams right ???

A replica of an antique chandelier and the blue and green hues set the tone for this room. Its been designed by Susan Zises Green.

A lovely blue workspace cum dining area as part of the living room designed by Milly de Cabrol.

Are you inspired ??? Let your ideas and colors make you smile and create your perfect room.

Pics courtsey : www.housebeautiful.com


Sudha said...

such wonderful settings on a very calming palette.

Anonymous said...

Such amazing colours... love the blues & turqs... I'm inspired to paint another wall now as well.. :-)

My Dream Canvas said...

Sudha and Patricia, I agree with you. I am actually looking at colors for my walls :-)

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