Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fabulous and simple decor ideas...

I literally stopped in my tracks, when I saw this gorgeous sunroom. Notice the gorgeous flower motif on the jute rug. Its a lovely room with some fabulous accessories. I will tell you more about them in the next picture. For now, take in this gorgeous room, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday..
Don't you like the leafy sun catchers hung on the windows of this room? Sandwich a leaf (hosta, fern, caladium, and palm) between two framed panels of glass, available at import stores. Here's a tip, fresh leaves will turn brown. Swap them out every few weeks, or use dried leaves and coat them with acrylic artist's spray to prevent discoloration.
Need a new look for your wall ? Turn inexpensive coasters into graphic wall art. Tape pretty coasters to colorful card stock and display in ready-made frames. For a more traditional look, add a pre-cut mat. Are'nt they stunning?
Egg cups used to store paper clips and other small utility items. I absolutely adore this novel idea.
Chic taupe paint and toile wallpaper highlight this dresser's traditional lines. They give an old dresser a complete makeover. A classy update..don't you agree?
Photograph the flowers around you with your camera. Blow them up, and then have them printed on canvas. This cheery, spring decor looks very glamorous. I am very inspired by this idea. Aren't you?
I am fascinated by this easy makeover. A bright yellow paint and a new set of casters turned this old bedroom shelving unit into a rolling kitchen cart. How pretty and convenient.
These carved ready-made ceiling rosettes make an impressive wall display. Painted in graduated shades of yellow, the discs add style to a living room. Did you know that they are available at most home centers for less than $50! Also, they are lightweight and easy to hang. All images and some text courtesy : Better Homes and Gardens.

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Great post
If colours were people then yellow would be the happy gang – orange, its close neighbour in the colour spectrum, would be the go-lucky crew. If you need something positive in your life, these are the colours that you should look to use for the positive energy and a more invigorated and energy-filled approach to life

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