Thursday, April 22, 2010

Andalusian dreams

A road trip in Spain years ago was like "An Affair to Remember". As I look at my pictures, the memories of a gorgeous Spanish summer beckon......
The Andalusian region in Spain had always fascinated me. We spent only a day in Seville and the highlight of the trip was the visit to the Alcazar. A royal palace and originally a Moorish fort, it was unlike anything I had ever seen. A unique fusion of Spanish, Christian and Moorish architecture, it took my breath away. I had to tear myself away to continue our journey.....
Arcos de la frontera is Andalucia's most dramatically positioned pueblos blancos (white village) with a stunning setting. Arcos, balances atop a rocky limestone ridge with its whitewashed houses and stone castle walls looking down precariously at the fertile valley below. We were fortunate to have spent a night in this beautiful village. The experience was surreal.

We made a brief stop in Marbella, a beach resort by the Mediterranean sea. A pretty Andalusian coastal town with a charm of its own. It seemed to be the playground for the rich and famous with its numerous yachts. I did feel left out not having a yacht of my own :-)

A side trip to Ronda was an impulsive decision and we were not disappointed. Ronda's old town had a lovely historic charm with its dramatic views and the steep El Tajo gorge. The cobbled streets and the quaint stores made for a lovely stroll.

I am not sure where I took this picture. Its either Madrid or Seville..... I have to jog my memory to remember where this was. However, I love the architectural details of this imposing building.

Last but not the least. I took this picture from the car of the lovely sunset over the Andalusian countryside. Are you dreaming of Spain? I am, and I long to return........

All pictures are taken by me!


victorian inn bed and breakfast said...

The Spain is a country of magnificent architecture and design the houses and buildings all have been constructed with amazing style and theme.

The Andalusian village is really so fascinating and it looks more wonderful at night and the Marbella beach provides sailing and yacht journey experience with blue water.

Alkemie said...

Andalusian architecture is also one of my obsessions!! I'm going to do a fairly comprehensive tour of Spain in September and so I'm really excited. Great post!

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