Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An artistic home..

Today's home tour features a home filled with beauty, elegance and grace. Subasri Pillai, the homeowner, is an artist and a freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas with her husband and two daughters.
Subasri, describes her decorating style as personal and simple. She says her home is a mix of traditional and ethnic collections ranging from Mexican potteries to Moroccan lamp shades. Most of her Indian antiques are family heirlooms. Other than the Mural painting, all the artwork in the house are made by Subasri and her youngest daughter. Her older daughter pitches in by creating handmade clay pots and vases. The custom wall colors, and the terracotta tiles in the entry way are her husband's contribution.

The warm tones, elegant interiors and artistic touches through out this home take my breath away.
Its obvious that this is an extremely talented family and their home brilliantly showcases their creativity.

I am in awe of Subasri's lovely home and it was tough to pick just a few pictures of her home. My favorite corner is the one with the tabla and the flowers. Subasri carefully packed the tabla and carried it to the US all the way from India. The green and pink hues in her daughter's room are simply gorgeous. The morning sun streaming into her lovely and very neat kitchen.

Artifacts and family heirlooms from India.

The stunning orange wall and the white mantlepiece adds drama and style to her living room.

Her daughter's artwork, a paper lamp......a lovely sight. Thank you Sri for sharing your beautiful home with My Dream Canvas.

Pictures courtesy: Subasri Pillai.


Shalini said...

Lovely home....I've been enjoying seeing Sri's photos on flickr and I love how she uses color.

Arvind said...


It looks like a hotel...

Perfectly maintained :)

I could only dream about such possession..


The Interior perspective said...

What a beautiful home . I love the way she has interesting corners especially the last one with the floor lamp -----and----her daughter's room is so lively and cheerful. Great post, Anuradha :)

Sudha said...

Subasri's home is very inspiring...i have been a great fan of her flickr...and go back to it whenever i m feeling low...:)

My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you Arvind.
Shalini-her colors are gorgeous.
Thanks Rekha, I am sure Sri will be delighted with your comment.
Sudha, I agree her home is inspiring and so beautiful.

Subasri pillai said...

Thanks,Shalini , Arvind, Rekha and Sudha for the lovely comments. A special thanks to Anu for the gorgeous write up. Keep up with the good work !!!

My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks Sri..again you have a stunning home :-)

PreeOccupied said...

Very beautiful. Love the colors and the effects of lighting.

Kay said...

Oh my!! Gorgeous home! I love it!

Gayathri said...

Beautiful home :) I really loved the 3-seater and interested in knowing if it was purchased in the US and where. Love the style, please let me know. Thanks, Gayathri.

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