Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Bright and beautiful.........I am here to introduce 4MACOHA!

4MACOHA is a collaboration between the Malawi council for the handicapped  (locally known as Macoha) and designer Holly Dunlap. This gorgeous collection is made locally using Malawian cotton. The organisation supports local cotton farmers, textiles workers and artisans. Dunlap is dedicated to promoting the skillful endeavors of these artisans far beyond Africa’s borders.

It's such a delightful collection with an inspiring story!

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Emreen said...

Love the colorful and cheerful cushions..!!

Rachana Saurabh said...


Kala said...

colourful cushion covers in row are absolutely gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

oh lovely!! the colourful cushions are super cute!!

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