Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Holiday Home

You know me! I am constantly dreaming about and now I yearn for a holiday home :-) A girl can dream, can't she? I can go on endlessly about my vision for a holiday home.  Instead, I am taking you to Spain today! The relaxed and rustic vibe of this restored 14th century farmhouse is extremely charming.  It has a lovely view of the surrounding mountains. This home  is definitely on my dream list today :-) The history, the charm, and the inspiring interiors make me want to call this delightful getaway...home!

This is a place to gather with family and friends. I can just picture myself here.....Cooking for the family, endless chatting through the wee hours of the night, taking long walks, waking up to to spectacular vistas, reading books, playing....yelling :-) You get the picture, right?

Love the vintage suitcases, it brings a certain amount of drama into this space!

Ah.....the lovely outdoors!

Elegant and classy yet comfortable and cosy.


The perfect bedroom for my two kids :-)

Very chic bathroom!

Have you been swept away? Are you also dreaming of a holiday home?? That was part of my plan :-)

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Dora said...

awesome interiors! I love the 'kiss me' painting. Visit me sometime for some indian art pieces and interior ideas at

Emreen said...

Love the wall art... looks soo lovely...A beautiful holiday home ... !!

The Cute Corner House said...

Its so you said..where there is endless conversation, cooking and eating and some pets to add to the fun!!

The post served the purpose :-))

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