Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunshine and Monday!

I have woken up to a glorious Monday morning filled with sunshine and blue skies! It's been a while since I took out my camera and drove around my beautiful city. This seems like the perfect day! I am enjoying my cup of tea, and the beauty and warmth of the sun streaming  in through my window!

Sometimes, It's nice to just take a break and enjoy the simple joys of life! Have a great week everyone!

Image: My home


Sudha said...

a very very cheerful pic anu...have a wonderful monday!!

GB said...

Love that tablecover! Have a great day, Anu!

Kala said...

I say ur lucky enough to see bright sunshine i am also wairing for that and bytheway brilliant click anu

Emreen said...

Beautiful Anu !!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely table cloth.. and *sigh*. what a serene pic!!

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