Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Affair with Suzani!

It's time to bring you this week's "Fabulous Find". I am drooling over this absolutely stunning Suzani arm chair. The vivid suzani embroidered fabric on the turquoise wooden chair and the orange leather upholstery. It is a stunning piece!

Okay, it is super duper expensive, nearly 2000 bucks!! Are my family and friends listening?? Remember my birthday is coming up soon!!
I wish :-) However, I can add it to my dream list and share it with all you fabulous people!!

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Kala said...

This is really stunning the colour combinations is really unique

helen tilston said...

It is truly a beautiful piece. It is like a painting and I would liken it to a piece of fine art.
Hele x

Dawn said...

This is beautiful, I love the orange and turquoise combo.

GB said...


PurpleRickshaw said...

Love the orange and teal combination:)

Dora said...

nice antique chair

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