Monday, March 5, 2012

Pebble Painting

From a scientist to an artist.......welcome to Maria's world! Maria creates one of a kind hand painted pebbles with unique designs. She uses light fast, waterproof, pigmented India Ink to paint these pebbles. Maria collects  the pebbles from different places when she goes for walks or during her travels.

You can visit Maria's Etsy shop here and her website to know about these exquisite pebbles.

I would love to have a few of these in my home!

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Amtrips said...

this s so inspiring and creative..!

i realise noone is that "unique" as we all think to be..! There is so much similarity in creative world and the creative minds... aww :P

Sunayana said...

awesome detailing... loved it !!

lovelifeunderthesun said...

fantastic!and such an interesting concept!

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