Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Do You Love The Most About Your Home?

It is a beautiful day.....and it promises to be a beautiful summer! I am looking forward to my little ones being home. Hopefully we will have a few lazy mornings during the summer break. Though the noise level in the house will go up significantly :-) the monotony of each day, when everything has to get done in time and in an organized fashion can get to be quite mundane!! We all need a break to simply do nothing.......and a few days without a set routine sounds very appealing.
I was thinking today about what I love most about my home? Apart from the happy faces around me :-) It is most definitely the the things I have brought with me from India. The little bits and pieces of my childhood. They all come with  memories and stories that make them MINE!!! I smile each time I look at them :-) When I moved here twelve years ago,  my two suitcases were not enough for all my stuff. I was fortunate to have family and friends based here who carried stuff back for me. It took me a few months to collect all my belongings as they were in different cities all along the Eastern seaboard :-) A memory that I will always cherish is finding little handwritten notes from my cousins and friends between my clothes. The notes said, how much they will miss me or how pretty I would look in the sari they packed for me :-) I am so thankful to have such amazing people in my life.

Amongst the first things I brought back here was a painting from my parent's home. The minute it went up on the wall in my tiny apartment in North Carolina, I felt closer to home! Stuff from my room back in India......... family heirlooms and little knick knacks that have no significance to anyone except me, are all part of my prized possessions. Adding to these, are the things hubby and I have bought on our travels around the world.

I will stop rambling now and turn the focus on you :-) So what do YOU love most about your home? I would love to know.

Image : A quiet sunny afternoon at home!

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Unknown said...

Love your home...and all the knick knacks...also loved that Chota leg stool...that is new....

Sarmistha said...

I so like your home over the years decor.they are warm , inviting and elegant ..

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

1. I love that it's small and my weekly clean takes all of one hour; 2. I love the brook that runs just outside my bedroom window; and 3. I love my summer garden and my backyard deck.

Yup! I love my house!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

do tell me from where the small leg stool is and the colourful rug?lovely the lamp is...

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Ahhh! Such a pleasant home. I love the capture. Hmmm my home best stuff I like at the present is my cozy bed and the lovely dolls that stays on my side.

KristaM said...

Hey! Found you via MBC and new follower! Absolutely love your blog!

Stop by mine for some yummy recipes and home projects!

xoxo, Krista

Ann Jones said...

Love the photo, your house looks very inviting! New follower from MBC, have a great day!

Natasha in Oz said...

I love my kitchen. It's open and warm and it's where everyone congregates when we have parties or at the end of our busy day. It's also full of knick-knacks too!

My weekly Say G'Day Saturday Linky Party has just started and I would be honoured if you could join in and link up this fabulous post!

Best wishes and I hope you have a great weekend!
Natasha in Oz

At The Picket Fence said...

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post with us last weekend at Inspiration Friday! :-)

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