Monday, July 30, 2012

Stories To Share ( A new series on My Dream Canvas )

Welcome to a New Series on My Dream Canvas. It is called "Stories to Share". I am revisiting an old post and giving it a new twist :) In every home there is something that is unique to you and your life.  That special souvenir from a trip somewhere, a little trinket from a flea market or an antique store, an elegant curio from a store you love or an heirloom that has been passed down generations.

Look around you..........there must be something that you own that has a story that goes with it. I would love to know about it :) Your story will be featured on my new series Stories to Share. I firmly believe that these are the things that make your home uniquely you. Click a picture and send me your story. It can be anything......pebbles/ shells from the beach........a leaf hidden inside your favorite book.......a cherished post card, an heirloom, wall hangings, a photograph......whatever you like :) Don't keep such things tucked away in your drawer. They need a special space in your home.......bring them out, find a place for it and tell your story :)

Lets get this series going and soon If I get enough responses I shall start a linky party. However, for now just email me a picture and send me a short story to go with the image. Please remember that this is not about rooms or your home in general but something that belongs to you :) Email me at and please make Stories to Share the title of your email.

Thanks a lot........Anu

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Image : Tea time at My Dream Canvas :)


Sarmistha said...

Cool ...will participate :)

Sudha said...

thats a lovely idea... i hope to share too :)

Sharon said...

what a novel idea! i hope to join you!

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