Monday, October 15, 2012

Come Fly With Me to France (Can Rigall)

France beckons with a trip to a medieval estate in the South of France. An Eco friendly hotel, the Can Rigall offers a vantage point for unrivaled views of the Pyrenees.  As you peer down the slopes looking eastwards, the Mediterranean beckons at your feet. Can Rigall gets 70 percent of its energy from renewable sources such as a windmill, solar energy and bio diesel. This beautiful property accommodates only twenty four guests at a time.

Here is what the owners have to say : Impregnated with nature, history and an elegant simplicity, our beautifully restored Can Rigall speaks of origins, honesty and grace"

Seclusion and beauty........the perfect combination in my opinion :)

"The Come Fly With Me" series on MDC is my attempt to bring you a collection of unusual, remote and beautiful properties around the world. I love these virtual trips and I hope so do you :)

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