Monday, October 8, 2012

Come Fly With Me To Masseria Potenti, an Italian Farmhouse

I have a long standing love affair with Italy and it refuses to go away :) I spent two weeks in Italy but I came away thinking that I had only scratched the surface. Italy remains my absolute favorite destination for a holiday! All I need is a car, the endless road, my camera....... and I will happily get lost in Italy :)

The images of  Masseria Potenti takes my breath away. This sixteenth century estate is set in the countryside of Manduria. This place originally belonging to the rich and powerful family of the Imperiali. Close to the sea and amidst olive trees this property is an Italian farm which promotes agritourism. A place that has set high standards in hospitality.

While I love the refined and elegant accommodations, there is so much more that tempts me :) Here you can chose to attend a course in Mediterranean cuisine, assist in the process of wine making, of crushing of olives, bread-making......the list is endless!

 Ah! It is all so tempting.....don't you think?


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Unknown said...

i love ur style of taking pics...awesome pics

Unknown said...

GRAZIE for your kind words from the MAsseria Potenti!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Truly Mediterranean ...that is obvious but so prudently beautiful with no excesses... lovely feel

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