Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello Monday and My Weekend in Pictures

Hello to the New Week! It was an action packed weekend for me. I promise you an action packed week on MDC as well :)

The weekend began with a dinner with friends, followed by the usual boring errands the next day and finally a mini break today :) I had promised my kids a trip to a pumpkin patch and that is exactly what we did! I prayed for the rain to stop and thankfully the sun came out for a short while. We did manage to go hunting for the perfect pumpkin to bring back home. It was muddy and messy and my son had a bit of a fall.......which was not pleasant! However, despite it all the MDC family came back grinning :) We took pictures, we hauled......sorry hubby hauled a massive pumpkin back to the car, while the kids and I munched happily on kettle corn!! I shall leave out the part about the messy car and the boots coated with mud which I have to clean. I am sure you are not interested in the mundane details of my life :)

We drove further into the mountains and saw snow capped peaks and some fall foliage along the way. I love the Pacific Northwest. You can drive a few hours away from home and feel like you are on a holiday...... far from the madding crowd :) Of course, at the end of the day I am always happy to be back at the MDC Casa :)

This week I have some Diwali inspiration coming your way.....hopefully a Giveaway....a blog feature.....some Fabulous Finds and much much more!!

Have a fun week and see you back here very soon :)

Can you guess which one we picked??

The pretty plants on sale at the farm.

Images : All Mine


Susan said...

Beautiful Photos!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the perfect day, except for the fall! I feel like we went right there with you, wonderful photos, did you pick the biggest one?

NanaDiana said...

Hi Anu- I am back from my blogging break- Your pictures are AMAZING as always- xo Diana

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

What lovelyimages

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