Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabulous Finds " The Loaded Trunk"

I have blogged about the Loaded Trunk  on MDC before and today I am back with a new post!! This is certainly my ultra "Fabulous Find" for this week :) The owner Roni has an eye for beautiful things. Her collection of global finds is so tempting and draws me back again and again :-)

The Loaded Trunk connects you to a global network of artisans and designers. Each item sold through The Loaded Trunk is either created specifically for The Loaded Trunk, or purchased from a local market across the globe.

Visit the Loaded Trunk on the web and on Facebook.

I am drooling over this Turkish Tinned Copper Teapot.....

These vintage Bolivian Frazadas are so gorgeous and perfect for Fall and Winter. In shades of raspberry,orange, lime and blueberry.......

Thank you Roni for sharing these beautiful images with my readers!

A quick update. I have decided to announce the winner of the Diwali Giveaway on Diwali itself. Due to the Federal holiday I will be unable to send the package on time. Do check back on Nov 13th to know who is the winner :)

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Susan said...

Wow! This is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

beautiful objects, just amazing,

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