Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winter Musings and Some Lovely Images

I can feel the chill in the air. It is getting dark by 4.00pm and winter seems to have arrived :) Do you like the different seasons in the year? I am sure we all have our favorites :) Dull and dreary Seattle is not one of mine and yet winter has so much to offer. The holiday season is such an exciting and festive time of the year!! At home we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My kids are so excited and we have been making a lot of fun plans :)

Today, was one of those days,  when the sun rays looked surreal and beautiful and the light was somewhat different. I could not take any pictures but this image very aptly captures the mood in my home today :)

Winter and the fireplace go hand in hand, don't you think :)

Endless cups of hot tea is a constant companion :)

I have a strong feeling that we will see some snow before this month ends! While, I hate driving in the snow and cleaning up my driveway...... the first few snowflakes are so worthwhile :)

I hope you are having a good week? Drop me a line, I always love to hear from you.

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Chitra said...

Hi Anu, Been a while so just saying hello from cold north sea. I am really looking forward to the holiday you said perfect time to sit and drink tea, hop around Christmas markets and drink gluhwein. Have a cosy day :0)
Chitra x

kala said...

Anu,amazingggggggg snaps...Love to hear from u too at my space :)

padmaja said...

I love the abstract feel to your winter pictures, beautiful!

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