Monday, November 26, 2012

Fabulous Finds on Etsy

YASTK on Etsy is an online shop based out of Turkey. Their latest collection of Suzanis and Kilim's takes my breath away. These two stunning cushions are my Fabulous Finds for this week :) They are truly "Fabulous" and way beyond my budget. However, I see no harm in admiring pretty things :)

YASTK also offers a range of Suzanis and Kilims at lower prices. The best part is that they offer free shipping to the United States. It is a store you don't want to miss :)

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Carissa said...

Great find! I agree! Loveeeeeee admiring pretty things! Whether they are in budget or not!

oorvi said...

hi anu,ive browsed through their products sometime back & they do have some beautiful suzani.great find.

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