Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Artist's Home in Melbourne

It is a great morning. My little princess turns four today :) I have celebrations planned all the way to the weekend!

Gazing at an interesting home in Melbourne makes the morning even better! I am struck by the character and warmth of artist Anna Mills home in Melbourne. The home is artistic and eclectic and makes you sit up and notice :) After endless amounts of travel the owners found this home quite by accident. Today it is truly their haven! I like this home for various reasons and one of them is that this home has a personality of its own :)

The living room is very striking. Love the the weathered trunk and the books in the fireplace!

A mosaic of prints from a variety of places looks fabulous in her dining room!

Need I say more :)

I love the kettle. It reminds me of an antique tea kettle my mom has...

White washed walls, a Dega painting and some art work.....

I love everything about this shot. From the handwritten note.....the beautiful words to the words in ink :)

Two more days till my Festival Gveaway ends. Make sure youe enter :)
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Unknown said...

What a charming space - that fireplace is amazing and the headboard is just gorgeous!

Rickey said...

After checking the above pictures, I have got an idea. What will you think if I catch some pictures of my interior decoration and make the canvas painting and place them on the same room in where I take the picture? Is not this a unique idea for home decorating? What do you say?

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