Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bamburgh Castle (A Fairytale Come True)

I  recently wrote an article about a Castle I visited in UK for and thought of sharing it with you!  I warn you that this is a lengthy post :)
I was swept off my feet by the charm and majesty of Bamburgh Castle in England.  Bamburgh is the quintessential fairy tale castle. Visiting the castle, I felt as if my childhood dreams had come alive J I have had the good fortune of travelling extensively in Europe, so I have seen quite a few castles.  However, this one is my favorite. I am completely besotted by it J 
An imposing setting, this castle sits proudly on a rocky plateau high above the Northumberland coastline.  The vast expanse of the sea below adds to the drama and beauty of this stunning castle.  The beautiful beach below with soft golden sands looks heavenly and the nearby quaint lighthouse completes the picture perfect illusion. The gorgeous architecture, the exquisite location, the rich history, and the glamorous interiors make Bamburgh enchanting and romantic.  Bamburgh was the royal seat of the Kings of Northumbria and a family home since 1894. The castle is still inhabited by the Armstrong family. Bamburgh is one of the most important Anglo Saxon archaeological sites in the world today!
For the history buff and the design enthusiast in me, this castle was a dream come true! Design has evolved over the years. Today the design world has all the modern technology it needs to create that perfect look. Yet standing in that castle and admiring the interiors, I was reminded of Tate Linden’s famous quote “Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.”
I could relive the story. I could visualize the bygone eras. Every piece of artifact in the castle had a story to tell and I was ready to absorb it all!  I believe that well designed interiors should be able to stand the test of time. I really did feel that the interiors at Bamburgh had a look that appealed to me even in the present day. I have realized what attracts me to Bamburgh. The secret ingredient is that the interiors have been furnished so that they are livable. There is a warmth that is prevalent. Unlike a beautiful sculpture in a museum that needs to be appreciated from a distance, Bamburgh’s interiors can be experienced from within.  It is easy to imagine living there, raising a family there, and entertaining there.  The key lesson here is to not give your design a museum like quality.  It is easy to fall into that trap.  The objects in your home should allow for an interactive experience.  Incorporate pieces that stimulate all the senses.  Just as a scented candle appeals to our visual and olfactory sensibilities, the warm caress of a beautiful silk cushion cover can also augment your experience.  Incorporate multiple dimensions in your design palette.
For me, good design is suggestive. Even when I read books, I really enjoy stories that make you envision the scene for yourself. I felt the same way at Bamburgh. I felt that I could make up my own story about each of the rooms and feel very much at home J
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A few pictures I took of the interiors of the Castle!

The exterior of the castle. I scanned this image from a card I bought at the castle store!

Images: My Dream Canvas. Taken by me and Subject to Copyright.

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Lisa C said...

I look at these places, and it's so hard to imagine actually living there.

Jennifer Hays said...

Breathtaking! I enjoyed reading about your visit.

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Andrew Smail (Bamburgh Castle Wedding Photography) said...

Hi, I'm a wedding photographer an will be covering a wedding a Bamburgh in May this year. Was doing some research and came across this page. Some nice photographs!

zerry ht said...

Such a nice caste and location is fabulous. Was invited for a birthday party of my colleague at one of the wonderful event space Chicago few weeks back. Food was great and Dj seemed to be a reputed one. Thinking to have the same arrangements for my sister in law's birthday party next month.

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