Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fabulous Finds "Aniika"

My pick for this week's Fabulous Find on MDC are the Baluchari cushions from Aniika. Aniika is an inspired bazaar, that aims to introduce products that gracefully combine new Indian design with a global sensibility. Based out of New Jersey, their online store is an absolute delight. With a vast collection of beautiful products at competitive prices you can easily spend hours browsing their site!

Click here to visit Aniika and connect with them via Facebook.

Images: Copyright Aniika


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful cushions-xo Diana

Unknown said...

I love Aniika! I just find some of their prizes had to swallow!

Nirmala Iyer said...

Lovely but a lil' gaudy though...and I agree with Roshni..I've always found some stuff they carry somehwere else for a better price.

Sona said...

Love Aniika! I have shoped at a few other sites that have international shipping, but including the shipping cost I have personally found Aniika to be the least expensive + reasonably priced and most importantly of great quality. Their customer service is also very efficient - which makes me comfortable given that this is an international order.

Roshni and Nirmala, would love to know where you guys get these products cheaper : )

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