Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Colorful Day At Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a small coastal town at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains on the Pacific  side of the Baja California Peninsula. Todos Santos was about an hour's drive north of Cabo San Lucas where I was based on my recent trip to Mexico. I had heard a lot about Todos Santos and was dying to explore it. While Mexico is all about beaches and fancy resorts, the wanderer in me just had to explore this cute little artsy town that I had read so much about. I am so glad I did :)

This little town draws travelers who enjoy browsing fine art galleries while taking in the vibe of an older and more traditional Mexican town. It’s one of few communities in Mexico to receive the honor of a “Pueblo Magico,” or “Magical Town,”. This is a designation awarded to places that retain their authentic historic and artistic charm. I came across at least 20 art galleries on the dusty streets of this little town. What I loved most about this town were the colors. All the shops, galleries and cafes were housed in old colonial buildings and many of them were painted in colorful hues! It really was pure magic :)

Come along with me as I take you along my walk in Todos Santos! I enjoyed walking down these colorful lanes with my husband and kids in tow. My little troupers actually had fun pointing out the colorful buildings for mom to photograph :) We loved our drive up to Todos Santos and yearn to go back there someday!

This was the window of a home in town.

A mural depicting the town's history in a small shopping plaza....

Quaint little boutiques along the way...........

Handicrafts galore..........

Splashes of color everywhere!

Hope you enjoyed this walk with me :)

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Calindgirl said...

Lovely pictures Anu. Hope you had a good break.

Unknown said...

Pretty and colorful post ! Love the place :)

A Treat for the Senses said...

Lucky you to have seen such a lovely place, thanks for sharing this with us :-) Mexico is definitely on my bucket list :-)

Aalayam Inspiration said...

Now, you've inspired me to travel again! I just got back from a vacation!


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