Monday, April 7, 2014

Travelling My Dream Canvas Style

Hello there!! Today, I am going to talk about my other passion " Travel".  Mr MDC and I are poles apart....and are very different temperamentally, the one common ground we share is our passion for travel. He and I are very alike in that respect. We can hit the road anytime :) Travelling is also an expensive passion. Therefore one has to get creative and he is good at that :) We hate making quick trips and try not to fit in too many things. 

We travelled extensively before we had kids but fortunately we are continuing to do so even now. My kids love it and they are very sporting!! The destinations have changed a bit, its no longer as hectic or adventurous but its still pretty good :) My favorite trip so far has been to Italy. We spent 14 days there and I came back thinking that it was just the tip of the iceberg :) The build up to our trip involves scouring the library for guidebooks. Hubby is also a part of some travel forums online etc. My favorite author for Europe is Rick Steves. I think he is brilliant. We also read Frommers and Fodors for other destinations.

We am more of the "off the beaten path" kind of people. We usually rent cars or use public transport and explore places on our own. Trying out the local cuisine in a "hole in the wall" kind of place is a must on our trips :) Hubby conveniently learns a few phrases, and puts on the various accents with ease as well. I have a tough time doing that :)

As you can clearly see, I have travel on my mind! I can't wait to be off soon..............

What about you, do you have some special family travel trips and traditions? I would love to hear about it ?

Image: My Dream Canvas

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The Enchantress said...

Lovely picture..speaks a thousand word

and you inspired me to not let go of travelling blaming kids

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