Friday, April 25, 2014

Come Fly With Me To Abode Mumbai

I am back with the Come Fly With Me Series to bring you a fascinating boutique hotel in the heart of Mumbai. The first of its kind in Mumbai, the Abode Hotel is housed in a 110-year-old building. The property was originally built in 1910 by Opium trader and businessman David Sassoon. The property's true potential was realized in 2013 when a British national and an Indian hotelier teamed up with an Australian architect to convert this neglected heritage property into a boutique hotel!

The Abode stands proud today as building that pays homage to Bombay’s heritage and bohemian past.The architect Sian Pascale has conceptualized a design process which draws on uncovering the history of the building and also the city itself. 

There are some spaces that make you comfortable and at ease as soon as you set your eyes on it! Its a winner if you can make an instant connection and picture yourself there! These images of  Abode" in Mumbai does that for me!

Take a look and tell me what you think?

This library at the hotel is inspired by the old book sellers in the city where tiny spaces are jam packed and stacked with books that can be bought by the kilo. 

Everything is unique at this hotel. These stacks of The Parle-G biscuit/ cookies  is for guests to give to homeless children on the streets of Mumbai or just to snack on!

I love the fresh and new approach of this hotel. Abode  appears to be filled with character! A hotel that blends the new and the old.......I am drawn to the restored vintage furniture sourced from Mumbai's secondhand markets, Many of the hotel's furnishings have also been handcrafted from recycled materials. What's not to love about that!!

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lovelifeunderthesun said...

Lovely post,Anu.Enjoyed going through it and what a beautiful concept of distributing biscuits to the homeless and needy.A small bit,I know,but nonetheless, something done.

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