Friday, April 11, 2014

Coffee Table Books, Green Tea and Flea Market Finds!

The weekend beckons and brings with it abundant sunshine!! I am heading off on a "bloggy" break! Yes, I need to recharge my batteries so for the next week or so. I may or may not be around for a few days. Miss me :) 

I have travel on my mind these days!! Coffee table books have become my weakness off late. One of my favorite trips was to Italy many years ago. I found this book for 2 bucks at a Library sale. It is filled with incredible pictures and brings back wonderful memories :) The tray is a flea market market from North Carolina and is 12 years old. 

Here's wishing you a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Keep on smiling and see you in a few days :)

Image: My Dream Canvas, please be polite and do not reuse without prior permission.


Unknown said...

Beautiful tray Anu! I love flea market treasures :). Enjoy your break..happiee weekend!

Susan said...

Enjoy your break, Anu! Wish I could fly off to Tuscany! Susan

Aalayam Inspiration said...

what a precious collection, the rug, the tray and the mug - you know how to do it!

enjoy your break... and apologies supriya and i could not participate in the Jaypore giveway.


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