Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Frida Kahlo and a Pretty Cafe

Mexico, Cafe, sAN JOSE dEL cABO

Are you a fan of Frida Kahlo? She is certainly an international sensation and its hard to ignore her fascinating portraits. In Mexico, her face appears on postcards, books, posters, paintings etc. I saw this lovely mural in a small cafe in the art district in San Jose Del Cabo. I was immediately drawn to it and we ended up spending quite some time there!

I loved the cafe's ambiance. It was small,cozy and simply perfect.  My children sat there drinking their mango smoothies, while my husband and I sat quietly and chatted! Somehow this cafe and our time there has stayed with me. While I sat there, I could see myself living this life :) Its places like these that make me daydream! I think of my dream of owning a cafe cum book shop filled with my collection of eclectic treasures and Global finds :)

Life seemed simpler, less complicated and not so stressful as I sat there with my thoughts. It was a special place indeed!!

What are some of your favorite travel memories apart from the obvious tourist attractions of course ? I would love to know your story?

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Unknown said...

Wishes for that dream of yours to come true.

rkramadh said...

I saw her art in many forms in Mexico while I was there just last week. I love the colors, textures and vibrancy in Mexico. I have to visit this cafe some time in my fav vacation spot i.e. Mexico.

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