Monday, May 5, 2014

Shop At My Dream Canvas

Hello to the New Week. I was some exciting news to share. The Shop At My Dream Canvas is making its first ever debut at a local event here in Seattle. I am taking a booth at an event being held on Sunday, May 11th to celebrate Mother's Day :) As you can imagine I am both excited and nervous. 

Here are some click as I get ready to pack up my collection of home accessories for the Global Home! Wish me luck my lovely readers as all this would not have been happening without your encouragement and support :)

For my local readers please email me if you can make it for the event this coming Sunday in Bellevue! I shall be delighted to forward you the details of the venue etc! Today is also Mr MDC's birthday so its a great start to the work week :)

These are wooden handcrafted vases. hey come with glass test tubes and make the most adorable vases!

My personal favorite...handcrafted paisley wooden hanging tea light holders.

Tribal silk photo frames............

There is lots more being packed up including our signature brass curios :) I got to run as there is tonnes to be done!! See you around!

Images: Copyright My Dream Canvas


Unknown said...

Lovely collection Anu. Best wishes and Happy Mother's day

ఇందు said...

Best wishes Anu

Unknown said...

That's a lovely collection . All the best, Anu :)

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