Monday, May 26, 2014

The Breakfast Nook

Every home has a corner that is used and abused :) What I mean by that is, that it gets the maximum traffic!! In my home my breakfast nook is the nerve center of all the activity! We eat here, my kids study here, they color here, they fight here, they spill and make a mess here :) I am forever cleaning this space and its extremely rare to find this spot tidy! 

This evening I cleaned it up a bit, sat down with a cup of tea and realized how different this place looks without papers strewn all over!! The light was perfect and I manged a moment of solitude in my crazy spot!!

What is that one corner in your house that is used and abused on a regular basis? I would love to know :)

Its been a late start to the week at my end after a nice long weekend. I am recharged and ready for an action packed week at My Dream Canvas! Have a great week!!

Images: My Dream Canvas via Instagram!

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Unknown said...

I guess for us its the dining table...strewn with my daughter's paper works(hw)..I have to get her a seperate workspace and make her sit there...yours look serene now :)

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