Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life's Little Moments!

Sometimes a crazy day takes a different turn when you spot something around you that makes you smile. In that instant, that little moment/gesture makes you take a deep breath and you instantly feel relaxed! Even if its brief it can be a wonderful feeling :) 

I have Justina Blakeney's new book " The New Bohemians" sitting pretty on my coffee table. I stopped to admire it as the light came filtering through my windows. This is a lovely book filled with tonnes of inspiration and ideas! I am having so much fun reading this book and admiring the wonderful homes and images captured in this book! 

Have you read it??

On another note, the other reason for my lethargy is this delightful cabin! Its pretty, right? I am missing it a lot! We spent three nights here last week. It was a cabin filled with 6 adults and 6 children. We were there with some of our closest friends and it was a blast. Fun and relaxing..... the best part was listening to the children run around and laugh endlessly :) 

It was therapeutic to get away and just be around people who you are most comfortable with! The cabin was lovely and the views were wonderful! Okay, I need to stop now and head back to work....

See Ya later!

Images: My Dream Canvas

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