Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tea Time Continues With The East Coast Desi

I have received many many gorgeous images of "Tea Time" from across the world. Its been such a treat to share these tea time moments with fellow "chai lovers". My apologies as I have not posted a lot of images that are in my inbox. I shall get to all of them as soon as I can :) Today, I am taking you to visit "The East Coast Desi". Sruthi Singh's delightful blog and her home is a treat to the eyes. I have featured Sruthi's lovely home on MDC way back in 2013. An incredibly talented fellow blogger and chai enthusiast, I am delighted to have her back on MDC today :) 

Take it away Sruthi....

 “To me, CHAI is a way of enjoying life’s simple pleasures! It is not only about taking delight in the cup of hot, aromatic, amber liquid….but it is the whole experience of selecting the blend of tea to brew, watching the concoction change color, pouring it into a favorite tea cup, cuddling the cup in my palms, watching the steam escape the cup and put on a show of its own and then of course the finale of savoring the hot beverage, as it soothes my throat and warms my insides! 
My day starts with my cup of chai…..besides being my morning fuel, the morning chai moments serve as a means to connect with my husband, deliberate over unfinished business and chalk out a mental POA to make the rest of the day more productive. And later in the day when I begin to lose steam, my second of cup of tea comes to my rescue. This time, I usually like to reserve it as “Me Time” - a moment of solitude that serves as my elusive escape into another world, even if it is for a mere 10 minutes. But that being said, all we need is an excuse to brew a pot of tea at my casa. Be it weekend mid-day lounging in the sun room with family, chat sessions with friends when entertaining or just warming up on a languid winter afternoon with a good read, a cup of chai is always within arm’s reach."

I also enjoy capturing my everyday tea moments through my lens and sharing these on my blog, The East Coast Desi.

Thanks Sruthi for sharing your tea time moments with me and the readers of MDC. The tea looks tempting and so does the presentation:)

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Images: Copyright Sruthi Singh of East Coast Desi

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