Monday, April 13, 2015

Tea and a Walk Down Memory Lane With Lakshmi Arvind

I am kicking off this week with Tea Time at Lakshmi's home in New Delhi. Lakshmi is a fellow blogger, a brilliant photographer and a wonderful friend. I find depth and beauty in each and every frame captured by Lakshmi through her camera lens. Her home is a visual treat, it has an old world charm and beauty that is absolutely mesmerising! Do visit her blog and on Facebook to view her incredible pictures! As you can clearly see, I am a huge fan :) 

A fellow chai lover, she has captured some really exquisite tea time moments!  

Take it away Lakshmi... 

"It’s the little moments and memories that always made "TEA" special!

A set of embedded memories in life and aren't they all what made life special today and always?

"Come inside for a homemade tea "I have always heard my grandma say to whoever comes to visit and whoever went her way and no one went without having a cup of tea!

The mornings were pleasant at home. My Dad used to like piping hot milk tea in glasses and it was he who taught me to make good tea, the proportions that went with making tea. He was very particular to have them in tea glasses. Senior school days were the best   memories we had, of making emotional and 
earnest appeal to Amma (Mom) to pour a little of her tea into the glass of milk in hand:)-how we enjoyed the milky fragrance of the little tea in a huge glass of milk:)-These childhood fragrances are the best and continue to be with me and I realize them more as I am far from the family and this is what makes us miss them! 

Now tea for me is a "reflection of all the images, of all the stolen tea moments from time "I have been clicking and collecting so far. As i see them its happiness tasted and all those times well spent, be it be on a rainy day, on the wet parapets of the huge old house in a village in the South of India, the tea posed with the flowers collected in arecanut boats, the grandmas milky tea in huge differently shaped steel tumblers or in tea glasses.For me A good cup of tea has its own share filled with thoughts, memories, secrets, pictures and quotes!"

I can almost visualize the home and the tea time moments that Lakshmi talks really is a beautiful story and a lovely memory!

Images; Lakshmi Arvind and subject to Copyright.

A big thank you to all those who have appreciated and submitted images for this series. I will be taking a short break and will resume the tea time series in a few weeks!


A Sunny Yellow Window said...

You feel so deeply for the small joys of life Lakshmi, and it shows in your photographs. They have a consistent warmth and nostalgia attached to them, its addictive.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

thanks Ambika...Thanks a Million.You wouldn't know you made me overjoyed today:)- You are the second person who told me this week that the images are addictive.i have no idea:)- dear.

Aalayam Inspiration said...

Lakshmi is such a master of evocative photography. Only she can make a cup of chai look like a slice of heaven!


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

A bunch of thanks to Deepa whose comments i always treasure.Love you for all those words!you made my day!

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