Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bohemian Home of Erin Ashleigh

I love getting a peak into people's homes! Today we are visiting a lovely home near Perth, Australia. The owner describes her style in a simple way, " I like a lot of intricate patterns, natural textures, wood and ceramics, and lots of greenery. I don't know where that falls in on the style scales! It's a bit of a jumble really." 
I love the way she describes her style and I like the look and feel of this home. It looks loved, lived in, warm and full of character and charm. 

What do you think?

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FarZain said...

Such a colorful little space. Her choice of fabrics is amazing blends in well with the tones of the wooden furniture. The decor looks like a mixture of rustic and bohemian, whatever it is, it looks very appealing. Especially with the greenery acting as accent colors.


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