Friday, March 11, 2016

Happiness, Gratitude and A Story

Hello there! I warn you, be prepared for a long post today :) A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend who is keen to start a blog. She asked me to give advice, share my experiences with MDC. While talking to her, I realized that there is so much that has happened since I began blogging in March 2009. Highs and lows, ups and downs but mostly an incredible journey!

 My Dream Canvas happened quite by accident! My daughter was a few months old. I had made the choice to be home with my kids.  While, I was enjoying this phase in my life, I missed my old job and all my travels immensely. I had always enjoyed writing and taking pictures, so my two pastimes came together to create My Dream Canvas! 
Growing up as an army brat, decor has been a part of my entire life! My mom took immense pride in doing up the house". Our homes ranged from rambling mansions to tiny one room apartments. Each place was so different, and yet so similar. It always had mom's touch :) I remember all the homes looked warm, pretty and cozy! Today, as I live thousands of miles away, I want to bring that feeling here with me. For myself and for my family! To personalize my home, I weave my memories into my decor! Its as simple as that! As the years pass, we simply keep adding and layering it, to reflect who we are today!

 The Shop At My Dream Canvas started because a few people told me that they liked the stuff I picked out for my home :) A simple idea that led to the creation of the online boutique which is my pride and joy! Every item in the store is personally curated by me and my mom. Today, I have stuff from India and a few other countries coming in. To add to that, I have plunged into the world of antiques and flea market finds. The response has been fantastic! 

 Recently, I found this image of a Dream Canvas "find" on Instagram. Priya has been a customer for a few years. She has amazing talent and a fabulous Instagram feed. She is a business Analyst by profession and in her words : an artist by compulsion" Do check her out on Instagram and visit her Etsy store! You will see what I mean! Priya painted this wooden tray and placed an MDC find on it:) The brass fish ( soap dish) stole many hearts including mine :)

In her words "All my buys from MDC has been lovely" I was thrilled to see my little fish so beautifully styled by Priya! 

A big thank you to all of you who read this blog and make something from The Shop At My Dream Canvas a small part of your lovely home:) You guys are the best :) Happy Friday and big virtual hugs coming you way. 

I plan to do a series shortly on MDC products in people's homes!! Stay tuned....

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Peelirohini said...

Anu, that was a heartfelt post and loved reading thru ! Thank you for sharing this photo..And really, It's true..I love everything I have bought from MDC..When we purchase online, until it reaches us there is always that worry whether the real thing is as good as the pics we saw ! With yours its always only been better !Cant wait to see other MDC picks in real homes :) and All the Best Anu, we will be watching for more !

Savita Krishnamoorthy said...

I second that...Anu's MDC products are treasures and they have certainly brightened and warmed up my home.

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Lovely post Anu! Priya and you both have an eye for detail. Your finds have always been stunning.

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