Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Inspiration From Tangiers

There are some images of homes that stay in your inspiration folder for that perfect day you want to blog about it :) This is the home of designer Madison Cox in Tangier! I have always really like this space! The home has a layered and collected look without being over stuffy! Of course the blooming flowers around and the vast expanse of sea outside the home certainly adds to the charm!
What do you think?

I am having a busy time coping with the store! Ah! The joys and sorrows of being a small business! In my case lets call it super small :) Also on the mommy front, my ten year old heads to camp for three days next week. What can I say, he has never left home and this is a bid deal for me! Sigh! I am like a mad woman trying to get everything organized for him! Yes, he is probably going to be that kid who has an over stuffed bag filled with gazillion things he does not need :) Lets not forget the instruction sheet I have ready for him as well :) 

I am off to juggle my job an an entrepreneur and an anxious mommy!! See you around :)

Images by Oberto Gili for The New York Times via This is Glamorous

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