Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Transition To Spring At MDC

Good morning! As spring makes its way towards me, I have the desire to redecorate and de-clutter. In winter, I tend to display more things around my home and in spring, I feel the urge to clear them out. Does that sound crazy to you:) 

I like to update my home for the season. Each space in my home has a few permanent elements and some that are temporary. For this reason I am very partial to a neutral palette for my furniture and my walls. I only need to change the pillows, add some plants and a few accessories to give the room a new look! For Winter and Fall I like everything warm and cozy with a lot of layers. For Spring and Summer I like to remove the extra rugs on the floor, reduce the accessories and try and make the space look more breezy and open! 

I strive towards making "my dream canvas" clean, refreshing, light and tranquil. I am trying to attack the clutter in my home. It is taxing work but rewarding. While, I am trying to clean the home on the surface, I am also attacking my closets, shelves and drawers :) Sigh! I am going to be working for a long long time.....

Do you have some ideas on how to effortlessly transition into spring?

The light this morning was just brilliant. I could not resist taking a few pictures to share you. I have switched to lighter curtains, added more house plants and reduced 
the pillows around the house! Of course, I have added a new berber pillow:)

Images; My Dream Canvas! Subject to Copyright


Unknown said...

Loved the bench. Where did u get it from?

Unknown said...

Loved the bench. Where did u get it from?

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