Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Aakanksha's Wo Gharwali Feeling

Home tours are so exciting! Here's one that recently caught my eye. I spent some time thinking about the title, about how to introduce this home ,but then I realized that Aakanksha has summed up her style and her home so aptly by calling it "Wo Gharwali Feeling". Simple and yet so effective , it means "that feeling called home". Our homes are personal to us. They are the safe haven we feel most relaxed in. It evokes feelings that are filled with joy and happiness. 

After leaving India nearly 20 years ago, my home is also a slice of my childhood that I have kept with me here in the United States. Aakanksha's description of her home and her nostalgia for Delhi is something I instantly connect with. Read about Aakanksha's "gharwali feeling" in her own words....

"I have only recently started documenting my experiments in home decor on Instagram and am pleasantly surprised and eternally grateful for the (mostly) positive response. I moved to the US 10 years back and as it usually is, it has not been a smooth sailing always. From yearning to move back to India to almost moving and then deciding to stay put in the US, it has been roller coaster ride for sure. My home has seen me thru these different phases and evolved along with me. It has a transitional feel where I am trying to achieve a balance between the traditional and modern elements of design. Growing up in Delhi, my childhood home was filled with all-wood furniture and a lot of natural light. Those are the two elements that you will find extensively in my home in California as well. I love how a place is instantly grounded by richly stained wood and how it comes alive with natural light. I gravitate towards a more neutral palette as it is the perfect canvas for me to experiment - a simple backdrop not screaming for attention, that allows accents of color or texture to be the hero. I am a restless soul, most at peace while creating something beautiful. Be It a painting, a sketch, a tiramisu or a home. I truly believe a home is a canvas where one gets multiple chances of a do-over. I know I have had a fair share of mine :)"

I have enjoyed reading about your home Aakanksha. I completely agree with the home being a canvas. That was the thought behind naming my blog My Dream Canvas :) I like to think of my home as a canvas bringing my thoughts to life. As the thoughts keep evolving, so does the home :)

I am drawn to so many elements in this home. The clean and crisp look, the neutral palette which is a huge draw for me. The chic accents and wall art around the home and the simple feeling of warmth it exudes. 

This vintage sepia toned map of Delhi has my heart :)

A cosy and minimalistic bedroom 

Her pretty living room  with an eclectic vibe 

Wooden accents and natural light is a winning combination. 

The last image is the grand finale. This looks absolutely idyllic, the perfect spot for chai, books and some day dreaming :)

Thank you Aakanksha for sharing your home with the readers of My Dream Canvas. Follow Wo Gharwali Feeling on Instagram for more images of her home and her journey. 

Images:  Subject to Copyright Aakanksha Gupta @ Wo Gharwali Feeling. 

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