Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Reeti's Green Oasis

Today I am delighted to share a some images of a childhood friend's home. She  also happens to be my sister-in-law as she is married to my cousin :) Now I may be in trouble with my cousin for calling her my childhood friend first :) Reeti and Rishi met at my parents' house and their love affair blossomed :) As kids Reeti, her twin Preeti and I were rather inseparable. We were neighbors too so it was easy to hang out!! We are in three different cities now and it has been years since we hung out properly. However, as they say, childhood bonds never go away!

Reeti and Rishi live in Noida, India. These are images of her stunning terrace garden. She spends a lot of her time there. More so during these lockdown days. I see many delightful images of her terrace garden on her Instagram stories. We all need an oasis to get away from the daily humdrum and this seems like the perfect sanctuary to unwind and relax. 

Reeti is a successful entrepreneur, an avid runner and a marathoner. A fitness fanatic, an avid traveller and a mom to her beautiful dogs. She is the Captain of Adidas Runners' Delhi where she coaches runners from across the NCR region.

Reeti and her sister Preeti will always be two friends with whom I share a lot of fun memories:) They were also the duo my mom liked having around more than me, especially at a party, as I was always running away from housework :)

I love Reeti's plants and her aesthetically designed terrace garden and balcony. So enjoy the views as they are such a pretty sight.....

Vintage style brass lamps, the exquisite wall art and the prayer flags add so much charm to this space.

Reeti and her dog Rustam on the terrace.

Thanks Reeti for sharing your beautiful green oasis with the readers of My Dream Canvas. Follow her on Instagram for more images of her home and her fitness journey.

Images: Copyright Reeti Sahai @thedefaultrunner

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