Friday, May 8, 2020

Personalized Maps by Mapiful

I am excited to introduce a Swedish brand called Mapiful.  This company gives you the option to print personalized maps of any location in the world.  You can easily customize the text and they will print it out, mail it in a sturdy black tube and ship it to you wherever you live. Yes they ship worldwide!

For my map, I chose to customize it with the caption "My Dream Canvas" on a map of Seattle with its coordinates. As MDC was created in Seattle, my kids gave me this lovely idea. As it turns out, its my perfect Mothers Day gift :) My Dream Canvas is my third baby and has been my companion and my online diary for years :)

For now, I like how the map looks hanging out with my plants. I plan to hang it in my study. Mapiful can help you personalize your home in a delightful way. Your home has a story and the Mapiful map prints help convey that story. 

The good news is that my collaboration with Mapiful will give my readers  50% OFF the 2nd PRINT for this beautiful campaign! 

So head on over and create your own map. Once you have received your map,  frame it or simply tape it on your wall, take a photo and post to Instagram using hashtag #mapiful and mapifulfamily. They would love to see what you have done with your map so don't forget to tag!! 

Please note: This post is in collaboration with Mapiful. The images  and words are sincere and this review is my own. I can never agree to review products that I don't believe in or wouldn't own and use myself.

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