Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Introducing Maloos Crafts

Nothing brings me more joy than featuring artists on My Dream Canvas. It is amazing how much creativity and talent is out there waiting to be discovered. Today I am featuring the work of Maloos Khonsarian of Maloos Crafts on Etsy.

In her own words I am a mother, a photographer, and a creator! Patterns are my passion and I feel inspired every time I come across a distinctive design. If it’s on a dress, I will try it on! If it’s on a vase, I will find a home for it on a shelf. If it’s on the wall of a beautiful monument, I will incorporate it in my photographs, paintings, prints, collages, and jewelry designs and I will apply it onto everything around me from trays and cheeseboards to vintage furniture.
Each item has a unique design and is one of a kind, just like you"

Maloos uses Middle Eastern designs to create her pieces of art. Resin and wood are the two primary mediums she uses to create these lovely pieces. Each item in her store is unique and will be the only one in existence!

This delightful cheeseboard is my personal favorite :)

To view more of her exquisite designs visit her Etsy store and follow her on Facebook.

The intricate patterns and the details in her handcrafted pieces are amazing!!

Thank you Maloos for sharing your work with the readers of My Dream Canvas. 

Images: Maloos Crafts and subjevt to copyright.

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