Monday, April 19, 2010

Romance and Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber..

A fairy tale how I remember my trip to the picturesque town of Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. A lovely little town in Bavaria on the river Tauber, this is a must see on Germany's Romantische Stra├če (Romantic Road ). The fabled "Romantic road" winds through forgotten sections of countryside, walled towns, picturesque villages and imposing castles. Rothenburg is definitely one of the prettiest medieval towns and a personal favorite.

Rothenburg, boasts of Gothic and Baroque architecture and an almost fully intact old city wall. Tall towers dot both the inner and outer walls of this city decorated with clocks and beautiful archways. This lovely town with its red roofs and 13th-century city walls seems untouched by the passage of time. I am a dreamer at heart, and the romance and history of Rothenburg is simply unforgettable.......


Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

oh my... !! my heart skipped a beat!! what a lovely post!! lovely place!

My Dream Canvas said...

Gypsy Purple : Thank you so much.
Pat : you must go there..its very pretty.

Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

The place is so eye catching and wonderful the houses are built with red bricks and are a piece of classic and stylish architecture.

The valleys are so serene and refreshing with a beauty and peace for visitors to visit.

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