Monday, August 23, 2010

A Swedish Inn

When I saw this image, I thought this place must be in Asia! However, its actually in Sweden. Surprised? Karlaby Kro is a delightful farmhouse in the Swedish countryside. It has been turned into a gorgeous inn. With its lovely bedrooms, restaurants and a Spa, this 22 bedroom inn is paradise. A tranquil and elegant retreat perfect for a laid back vacation.

I visited Sweden in December of 2000......seems crazy I know:-) However, I loved the trip despite the frigid temperature!! We were newly weds, and I had accompanied my husband on a business trip. Stockholm is a gorgeous city and I would love to go there again in the summer. My husband travelled to Lund on work often which is a town only 40-50 miles from Karlaby Kro. I wish I had known then, as this place is definitely worth a visit. There is always a next time.....right???

Images via : Karlaby Kro


GB said...

very zen-like, Anu!!

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Ooo I love the patio and the bed that is suspended! What a wonderful idea... hmmm

Chamalisha said...

What a lovely place to be...Thanks for sharing Anu. I'm looking forward to my vacation @ Bala's Chalet( next week. Hope to share some pics with you.

Sudha said...

very serene....the image actually said...Asian...but its nice to see a Swedish Inn believe in zen...truly global :)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* so peaceful and serene... lovely!!

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