Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zoe Murphy

"Loving what belongs to you".....that's Zoe Murphy's ideology behind her fabulous creations. Brilliant designs inspired by seaside imagery, to reinvent and restore recycled products. I am fascinated!!

To know more visit her website here.
Images via: Zoe Murphy.


apoorva said...

They are highly presentable... I hv fallen for play clan items bt these are also very admirable

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

I think that is the very best design philosophy to have! If you love each element on an individual all goes together so nicely! I love that mod chest of drawers!

Anonymous said...

Loved the nightstands and the small bench? - very colorful!

Karena said...

Adore the pillows!! Fabulous fabrics!

Art by Karena

Designwali said...

these are stunning!

Anonymous said...

Oh the small bench is stunning... awesome!!

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