Thursday, August 12, 2010

Turquoise, Silver and a Tag :-)

It stared out as a day where I was supposed to do some spring cleaning. Polish my silver, do some get the drift. Well, it did turn out very different. While I was looking for the polish, I left the silver on the couch. I looked back at them...the silver with the turquoise throw and I had to get my camera out. Click, click and all the mundane chores were forgotten :-)
I have been tagged by Patty of Colours Dekor and have to answer a few questions about myself!! Patty is one of my earliest and sweetest blogger friends, so here goes......

Q. What is perfect styling for you?

A. That's a tough one! For the home, there is actually no perfect style for me. It changes often as I fall in love everyday:-) However, my taste is eclectic...maybe ethnic chic!! Uncluttered look with clean lines, earthy and rustic hues, a blend of the old and the new. For me personally, its comfort over fashion though at times I try and get trendy :-)

Q. On What do you spend most of your money?

A. Hmm... ask my husband :-) It is definitely my home. My excitement in finding something inexpensive at a flea market or a fabulous find at an expensive store is quite the same!!

Q. What's your favorite song at the moment?

A. I love music but at this time its restricted to the nursery rhymes my two toddlers enjoy. I am totally out numbered :-)

Q. What excellences do you think you have?

A. I can point you to the people who will say nice things about me :-) They have been selected after a lengthy screening process....just to make sure!!!!!

Q. What are your failings?

A. Impulsive and I do have temper. However ask my kids. Till they grow up I am perfect in their eyes and I can live with that :-)

Patty...thanks for putting me on the spot :-)

Don't forget to the enter the jewelry giveaway here.
I am joining Cindy at Show and Tell Friday!


Erin said...

Nice q & a, but I do love the pics, good eye!

Unknown said...

Beautiful silver pieces you have there.Enjoyed your answers to the questions too.:-)

MS said...

Love the silver, pics, qs&as...the whole package ..


A Bit of the Blarney said...

beautiful silver! Cathy

Sarah said...

Fun post and the silver on the turquoise is fabulous!

Shannan Martin said...

Fun survey! These just never get old to me... :)

Kamini said...

Beautiful silver and you're right...against that turquoise throw was too good a chance to pass up clicking! Gorgeous! Nice to get to know you better thru the Q and A session too!

Rekha said...

I am drooling over the silver ware, Anu..

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Gorgeous! The silver and you :)

I love the look of tarnished silver much more than polished silver...My genuine excuse for not polishing the silver at home more often ;)

Neha said...

Love it. Very tasteful. Loved the earrings on the giveaway! Great going, keep it up! :)

Joyti said...

Great those silver pieces.

My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you so much all you lovely ladies :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh gorgeous.. gorgeous.. pics.. I sure know where your money goes *wink* It was nice knowing you more Anu... I hope you are not bribing the people after screening... :-)

Leigha said...

It was nice to get to know you. And I would love one of everything in these photos. :)
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Leigha (your newest follower)

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