Monday, November 5, 2012

Fabulous Finds : Rosanna Inc

Rosanna Inc is not a new find for me but it is certainly fabulous :) Rosanna Bowles is a fashion tableware designer and the owner of Rosanna Inc. The best part for me is that Rosanna Inc is based in Seattle!!!

Her style is elegant and chic and her designs are exquisite. Visit Rosanna and you will be as much in love as I am :) I really like this pretty gold and cream ceramic mug designed by Rosanna and available online via Starbucks.

Another favorite for me..... are these mug and plate sets featuring animals and initials. Aren't they cute?? This line is made from 100% non-toxic refined porcelain.

I am having a hard time resisting these beautiful ikat printed bags!!!

Last but not the least........ I cannot wait for December as I am planning to attend Rosanna's warehouse sale right here in Seattle!!! Yay!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love those bags, I've never saw that style before and the patterns are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

loved the bags and cups with alphabets.. would be nice if we have such cups in office, then we dont mix up our coffee mugs, but use our own.. :)

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